My friend and I had a problem with parking in the urban areas especially in San Francisco. When we drive to San Francisco, the first thing that comes into our mind is "Hope parking is available..." Why? It is very unpredictable and we were in a rush to our destination! We don't want to wonder around to find a parking spot. We needed the parking spot immediately. So I tried parking apps out there but it does not tell you which parking spot is available and which is not. And by the time when I arrive at the parking area, it is all occupied! There is no way to reserve a street parking since it is a public street. So the only way to find a parking is by circling around the block many times to find parking. This really became inefficient and waste of time. Also, I had to compete with another incoming parker for the parking spot by how quick I turn on the blinker.

"I am in a rush to go to my destination and therefore, I want to find a parking spot easily and immediately once I arrive at my location, but I don't know if parking spots will be available once I arrive at my location."

So how can we make parkers who's in a rush to their destination find parking spots easily and immediately without any worries, stress, and less friction in the process?

Spotty is an app that helps incoming parkers find, request, and pay a parking spot from the current parker in real time. And once you done with your business and have activated your Spotty beforehand, get paid from the next available incoming parkers.


*Incoming Parker's Perspective*
*Navigation is not included*

Where would you like to park near at?

Once you login, you will see real time parking spots that is currently in use by a parker around you. You can request a spot around your location as well. If you like to request a parking spot near your destination simply enter the address or a place and find a desirable parking space.

Request the Spotty

If you chose a spotty from the real time available parking space, simply request the Spotty. Once requested, all you need to to do is wait momentarily until the parker responds by either accepting or rejecting you.

Activity - Spotty Requests

Spotty Requests is where a parker sees the requests coming in from the incoming parker. The parker can either accept by tapping "Accept" the incoming Spotty request and he/she must be in the car by incoming parker's ETA. If the parker isn't done with his or her business, he or she can simply decline by tapping "No thanks".

Activity - Accepts

If the parker accepts you, you can simply tap "Take me to this Spotty" button to start navigating to the Spotty (Parking spot). Keep in mind that you have only 1 minute time limit to decide on the accepted Spotty or else it will be expired and that Spotty will be available for other people.

Arrived at your Spotty

Once you arrive at the Spotty, look for the Spotty sticker swag on the back or front of the car and gently honk TWO times to let the parker know that you are here. Finally, the payment for both you and the parker will automatically transact immediately.

Activity - History

Your History section is a history of Spotty transactions of Accepts, Expirations, and Rejections. A transaction is completed when both parties meet.


Your profile consists of basic features such as picture, name, and where you from. Others include inviting friends, payment, help on how to use the product, and privacy. You can also set up your Spotty if you have not done so. If your Spotty is set up, you will see your parking spot remaining time and how much it is worth.

Interaction Concept Examples

Walkthrough Onboarding Experience

Scrolling Interaction / Segmented Control Switching

Why Spotty?

In order to eliminate the unpredictable assumption, compete for parking, clogging the parking flow, and inefficient circling around the block which in fact clogs the traffic is to let incoming parkers find and request a parking spot in real time and pay to the ongoing parker based on remaining time.

Beginning the Process
I approached this project with the intent of testing my hypothesis that people would gain value with a simple find and request a parking spot experience. To understand the problem better, I went to San Francisco and observed on how people park on streets during the daytime hours. Almost all drivers was frustrated when they park on streets. Also, I spoke with drivers who parks in SF to gain some quick insight on how they view on parking on streets.

Additionally, I analyzed competitive products like ParkMe, Parknav, and ParkTag to understand what they are doing in this space. All these products does have strengths and weaknesses within the experience.

User IA and Wireframe Sketches

Spotty Website

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Spotty UI Design System

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Spotty Illustrations

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Spotty Iconography

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The Takeaways

Looking forward
This side project is based on my problem I had when I always commute to school and other places that is in high demand for parking. For my next step, I would like to test out the prototype to the users and get feedback on what to improve and take out. Also, find research about paid parking problems and how it can integrate in this project.