As a frequent spontaneous adventurer, I always struggle to find a point of interest whether it is a restaurant/eateries or parks and museums if I go with group of friends because they all live in different areas. Therefore, I have to discuss with my friends to see what their options are based on their location proximity and what they like to do.

If my friend asked me "Do you want to eat lunch?" I would say yes but I will be hesitant because I live far. And my friend and I have to discuss where would be the great restaurant within our proximity. Therefore, we have to switch between messaging app for discussion and point of interest finder app to find great restaurants which is very annoying.

MapChat is an ongoing project that aims to solve this problem by giving you an experience where you see your friends' real-time live location and point of interests on the map and simultaneously discuss by messaging away on the message interface. If you found a place you like on the map, simply share it with your friends on the message.

No outcome yet and currently in progress, as this is an ongoing side project. However, in the process of pursing this project, I've opened the door to the world of Swift and iOS development which I am still a newbie on and perpetually learning.

The core MapChat flow

You and your friends' location can be seen once you turn on your location and they have their location on and share it with you in any message groups. Point of Interest pulls in data from Apple Maps so you can find and search for any place you want to go and share it within your group message.

Ongoing project so stay tuned for updates! 🙂