Launched from 2016-2017*

Drinkyourdrink is an app that locates bars and restaurants based upon what is around you. Consumers can get real time insights and full transparency of what is going on at venues around them, they can check in drinks, and even purchase drinks on the menu items from their phone.

Ever go to a four star Yelp reviewed venue and find that the place was laughably despicable? Or go to a two or three star venue and found out that it was a greatest venue of all time? Yes. People don't trust the reviews from platforms like Yelp. What's the venue really like? They want recommendations from their friends and people they trust - not strangers. So, customers lack consistent and reliable insight into what is happening real time at bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Our goal is to have a service that simplifies end-to-end process for patrons.
- Real time activity data based on friends and venues you follow.
- Happy hour specials and relevant and easily searchable tags ( Ex: rooftop bars, soju, craft beer )
- Payment directly through the app offering huge revenue potential.

2 Co-Founders (Software Engineers)
1 Product Designer

* Any Designs shown are altered except for website.


Once signed in, discover venues around you in your current location. Discover by browsing through the list or see it on map. Find your particular venue based on your preferences by searching tags. If you are at the venue and got a drink, check in your drink by tapping on the green button.


See your activity section to see where your friends are at and drinking right now at that place. Track down how many drinks and bars you went on the Drinks and Bars section.

Venue Informations

Found a venue you want to go? Great. But first look at the information about the venue. See what your friends are drinking, reviewing, and much more on the Activity section. If you want to see what strangers are saying, get on the Vibe section. If you want to order a drink or food from the menu, simply tap the Order button. So your drink or food will be ready once you arrive at the venue. If you are there at the venue, add a tag, write something, post photo, or check in a drink.


With the preliminary research done from the founders, I had to understand how the Drinkyourdrink application will flow. By building the flow, it allowed me to view the entire scope of the application with the rest of the team and were able to use it to discuss and iterate upon.

Once we have the structured flow. I utilized the flow to convert into the sketched out wireframe flows. It allowed me to view and sketch out what kind of visual UI patterns are needed in order to convey the overall app.

Prototype Examples

Once the visual mockup are designed, my team has developed a functional prototype from the design. We made decisions on what not to implement based on the technical constraints. These are the few snapshot prototype that my team has developed.

Tapping on Check In Button / Profile page section browsing

Scrolling and finding venues

Web Version for Venues

DYD Business Product

Besides our consumer app for users, we also built out the business product for venues and vendors. Venue platform is a unique platform that transforms venues in and out where it has the POS system and Website Content Management. It also manages user's orders, and manages venue menus. Lastly, Vendor platform is where vendors connect with venues.

Venue Sign Up
This page is where venues sign up for the platform or look at the pricing page to see what kind of plans there are.

Choose Your Plan and Payment

Choose Your Plan
Venues can get to choose which suitable plan they want to have for their Venue Admin Dashboard. Ranging from Basic to Enterprise. Venues can pay monthly or annually.

Venues fill out the payment form to buy the plan.

Vendor Platform

Vendor Platform is a unique platform where Vendors can access to see the overall dashboard on real time updates on venues, get mails from venues, and connect with venues around the country. The vendor platform has been scrapped.

Drinkyourdrink Style Guide

To see the Style Guide in detail click here

Drinkyourdrink Illustrations

Drinkyourdrink Website

DYD Website offers a hub for everything. Direct download link for you to download the app by typing in your phone number. Venues can manage their admin by signing in or signing up.

The Takeaways

Working as a sole product designer for a startup allowed me to go through a very unique experience. It gave me the chance to be more involved in with both the business and development side.

I was faced with challenges during the process. Instead of looking only the design aspects and the experience of the product, I had to holistically look both sides of the environment. I had to consider what is possible within the technical side where design assets could be challenging for the engineers to implement.